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Anti-seize compounds and where they can be applied



Anti-seize compounds or products are normally applied in fasteners, bolts, and flanges among other interfaces that are clamped. The main reason for application is to prevent corrosion, seizing, galling, and for the sake of lubrication. Anti-seizing compounds can be greases, they can be pastes and even coatings. Many people and industries use anti-seizing compounds for different reasons.

Where can anti-seizing compounds be applied?

For the protection of an assembly, and anti-seizing compound should be applied. When being applied on a fastener assembly, the following are the areas where it should be applied:

  • It can be applied to the nut face,
  • Parts of the washer
  • Nut face
  • The stud thread or bold thread

The amount to be applied

Before you apply any anti seize compound, it is very important to know the right amount to be applied. It is not right to apply too much or too little. A thin layer of the compound is always enough. It is recommended that you apply a film of 0.1.mm thick to a typical fastener. You should consider the condition of each system before making your application. Right amount of the compound will help you get the desired results effectively.