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Check the pros and cons of hiring a divorce lawyer


Despite trying everything possible, some marriages do fail. When divorce seems inevitable, you have to consider a lot of factors. Divorce is not just about altering your marital status – It will impact you financially, emotionally, and socially. Dealing with the aftermath of divorce is never easy, which is precisely why experts recommend seeking therapy. In Utah, you can file for either no-fault divorce or fault-based divorce. You are probably wondering – Do I need to hire an attorney? In this post, we are sharing the pros and cons of hiring a Salt Lake City divorce lawyer

The obvious pros

  1. Get genuine legal advice. Some divorces are rather straightforward, where both spouses agree on important matters, come to a settlement, and get done with the process within months. Other divorces are complex. No matter the circumstances, hiring a divorce lawyer always helps. You get to understand how things can be sorted legally, and your lawyer has a big role in sorting and mediating issues with your spouse. 
  2. Get help with paperwork. Divorce also means dealing with numerous forms, papers, and agreements. You need a divorce lawyer, who can ensure that you don’t sign anything that’s against your interests and rights. An attorney can draft and check papers and legal documents with focus on details. 
  3. Avoid the delays. One of the key reasons why you need a divorce lawyer is to minimize mistakes. Even a small issue in the paperwork can delay the process by many months, and if you don’t declare your assets, debts, and other sources of income adequately, you could be in trouble. Hire a lawyer, so that things are managed efficiently. 
  4. Negotiate better. Another important factor to consider is mediation and negotiation with your spouse. If you have a divorce lawyer, they can work on your side and talk to your spouse and their lawyer. In Utah, the same attorney cannot represent both spouses in a divorce. 

The cons

  1. The cost. The only reason why people often don’t hire divorce lawyers is the cost. Yes, attorneys can add costs to your divorce, but considering how complicated things can become otherwise, the price is worth paying. 

Clearly, hiring a divorce lawyer has more advantages than issues, and it is wise to consult one as soon as you make up your mind. If you are working with an attorney for the first time, do ask about their experience with similar or comparable cases and get references.