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Different Options of Safe and Customized Packaging through Corrugated Boxes


Corrugated boxes are made of layers of materials instead of a single sheet that is used in normal cardboard boxes. Generally, there are three layers where the middle layer is fluted and inserted between two main layers. It helps in absorbing shocks, moisture, and variation in temperature. There are various creative designs available in corrugated boxes. Some companies also customize boxes for different products so that they fit well and there is no space left for movement to keep the product intact and in shape.

One such company that structures corrugated boxes according to the product, prints creative ideas on boxes that represent the product packed in it, and deliver boxes on time to companies for packaging is the Belley-Beyond the Box. They are the largest distributor in North East. They not only supply boxes, but also store inventory at an appropriate price, in case you’re short of space in the office. Now their warehouses are in Quebec, Arizona, Oregon, Vermont, British Columbia, and Ontario. If you wish to know their price list and more about the company then check their online site http://belley.net/.

There are different types of corrugated boxes available in the market –

  • Half slotted boxes look like ordinary boxes that have two flaps both on the top and bottom which closed after the items are placed inside the box. Most cartons look the same manner, but just half part is slotted.
  • Full slotted boxes are also single glued box with taped or stitched by manufacturers. However, there are flaps in both top and bottom which are closed after filling and then pasted.
  • Telescope boxes include more than one box, which is the lid and bottom which are generally used in packaging clothes or gift items. Once you placed the item in the box it is then covered with the lid, which is bigger than the bottom box.
  • In the folder or tray boxes, as the name suggests, the bottom layer has two walls on the side and a top layer that acts like a folder flap that covers the bottom part.

  • Slide boxes look like drawers or shelves where the outer box is covered form three sides and through one side the inner box can slide in or out.
  • Partition boxes are ordinary boxes with flaps at top or bottoms which are closed after the item is placed for packaging. However, the interior section is divided into segments as per requirements. This is done to segregate various items on the panel.
  • Fold up pads are inside liners which are used to separate items from one another or help as dividers. For example, keeping two fragile glass items together in a box can be dangerous as they may crack while hitting together during shipment, thus, a liner acts as a cushion between them.

Corrugated boxes are frequently used in the world and therefore they are taken for granted. It is used to promote, package, and display products that you see and purchase. It’s the most accepted form of transport wrapping used by major companies. Although cardboard packaging is also a lot in common, it is used only for rigid items like clothes or notepads, etc.