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Dough Extruders: For Better Product Line Control and Efficiencies


Before, businesses in the food processing industry only had to depend on pocket dividers to divide the dough into manageable portions. However, these days, dough extrusions have been introduced as an alternative technology. A dough extruder provides control and efficiencies to product lines.  Extrusion technology is recognized for its higher sanitation levels, increased applications, and greater automation that lead to overall improved product quality.

Why Dough Extruders are Becoming More Popular

The confectionary market is seeing many benefits from dough extruders.

These include the following:

  • Improved automation. Dough extruders come with automated systems that lead to greater equipment accuracy and eliminate human errors. With the machines’ higher sanitation level, it helps increase productivity and minimize downtime for cleaning. Also, automation makes the dough easier to work with and helps achieve the desired output. Generally, extrusion technology ensures the dough is not worked as much and operators can insert intermediate proofing in the production line. As a result, the dough can develop after the rigors of extrusion, offering the product line a more open texture.
  • Increased speed and width. Because of this benefit, the demand for dough-fere automation with metal detection is increasing. This decreases labor costs, reduces worker complaints, and improves piece-weight accuracy.

  • Less maintenance. Dough extruders don’t require intricate maintenance and are faster than other types of dough dividers. You can adjust a recipe-driven extruder to easily maintain weight control.
  • Increased flexibility. A lower-pressure extruder offers greater flexibility and more benefits than high-pressure extruders. The produce sticks and die-cut shapes and don’t impart much work energy to the dough. Gauges can be supplied to this machine on the compression head to indicate the dough’s pressure before extrusion.

Differences Between dough Extrusion and Division

Dough extrusion means the dough is subjected to a certain pressure that allows it to divide flow and form. Meanwhile, dividing uses the pocket method that involves filling a pocket, closing it, and depositing the dough. Extrusion technology offers more benefits over dividing technology. For example, dough extrusion allows the processing of the dough without destroying the structure, leading to higher-quality baked products. Also, this allows the extruder to produce pre-proofed dough.

To ensure you end up with a dough extruder with the right features, you must understand the needs of your business. Equipment manufacturers have been improved extrusion technology which you can take advantage of if you buy the machine that has all the necessary features you need.