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Five Ways Your Attorney Can Help with Your Car Accident Claim


If you were in a car accident and sustained serious injuries, you may be dealing with mounting medical bills.  Because of this, you want to hold the at-fault party responsible for your expenses. Often, you will be dealing with the party’s insurance company to get compensation. But, insurance companies are not generous when paying out claims. In fact, they will do everything to pay you as little as possible or even deny your claim by asserting that you contributed to the accident or you caused it alone. This is the reason you must work with car accident attorneys Los Angeles to help you navigate the claim process. Aside from helping you file a claim, your attorney can negotiate with the insurer for you and help you seek the full amount you are owed. So, how exactly can an accident lawyer help you:

Give a Free Case Evaluation

A reputable attorney knows that you are not in a position to pay them after a car accident. They understand that you are already dealing with huge medical expenses and may not be able to return to work for a while. Because of this, they provide a free, no-obligation case assessment. By consulting with them, your attorney can review your case and give you advice on your legal options for free. 

Investigate Your Car Accident

Your attorney will investigate what caused your crash to determine fault. They will use their knowledge, resources, expertise, and experience to conduct a proper investigation of your accident. Their investigation may include the use of accident reconstruction specialists.

Determine All Possible Sources of Compensation

You may be able to hold several parties liable for your accident injuries. For instance, if your crash involved a commercial truck, you will hold the truck driver, trucking company, and the manufacturer of the truck responsible for giving you compensation. Your lawyer will determine all negligent parties to make sure you can demand full compensation. 

Document the Damages Incurred

Your injury lawyer will collect documents that substantiate the repairs to your cars, lost income, medical expenses, and other damages to come up with an accurate evaluation of your claim. Additionally, they will help you in calculating your future losses and pain and suffering. 

Negotiate with Insurance Companies

Insurance companies will always make a lowball offer to claimants, hoping that the latter will take the amount. A skilled attorney knows the tricks that insurers use to decrease, delay, or deny claims. They will negotiate with the insurer until a fair settlement is reached.