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Heptane from AdChem: What you Should Know about this High-Purity Solvent


Heptane is a colorless liquid hydrocarbon of the alkane series derived from petroleum. Because of its versatile chemical properties, it has varying roles in industries. It is often used as a non-polar solvent in industries in small laboratory applications. In laboratories, it is used as a reagent, solvent, and for organic synthesis.

AdChem is the leading supplier of Heptane. The company manufactures heptane to high standards required to produce a hydrocarbon fluid that provides consistent quality and performance. The company has different products on offer including other high-purity solvents, high purity gas, dry ice, and CO2. Heptane has stable compositions with fixed, narrow boiling ranges. This is the reason it is suitable for applications or industrial process conditions that require certain evaporation or drying performance.

Uses of Heptane

There are many ways heptane can improve the chemical inventory of your business. Because it is clear, odorless, liquid hydrocarbon, it is recognized as the standard zero-point for the octane rating scale available in almost all gasoline pumps. When placed under a huge amount of pressure within a gasoline engine, it readily combusts. Also, its high inflammability provides it with properties that many industries can take advantage of including using it as fuels. It is an ideal fuel source for pressurized, outdoor liquid fuel stoves.

Moreover, schools depend on heptane as a laboratory reagent in chemistry courses because of its isomers. The reactivity of the chemical is quite low with most other chemicals. Heptane is also used as a solvent in processing latent fingerprints for law enforcement and government agencies.  It is easy to prepare with a ninhydrin reagent, protecting the fingerprints’ clarity and intensity without destroying writing ink. Lastly, rubber vulcanization uses heptane as a compounder.

Choosing the Right Heptane Supplier

The best heptane supplier takes care of all the processes in distributing this high-quality solvent. From blending and production to chemical warehousing. They should take a customer-centric approach to make sure every customer gets the chemicals and services they require. Their chemists listen and collaborate with every customer to make sure the final product is blended exactly as desired and to the highest consistency and quality. They will make sure you get your heptane solvent or other chemical products on your timeline. AdChem understands the nuances of heptane solvent and other similar chemicals, so they work to secure you the right blend in the right quantities. It offers both standard heptane and high-purity heptane in different containers, from gallon pail to gallon drum, and gallon tote.