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Is Business Stationery Still Important to a Small Business?


When you think about marketing and the impact that your brand image has on your correspondence on a daily basis, you’ll understand how important it is to have a consistent message no matter who you are speaking to. If you have branded headers and signatures that go out with every single email and letter to customers and suppliers, why wouldn’t you think about your stationery in the same way? The little things can become important over time in lodging your brand identity in the minds of as many potential customers and suppliers as possible. If you can find a printer of business stationery that can help you out with cost-effective solutions, it could be the perfect way to begin a branding exercise as a small but growing business.

There are quite a few reasons why business stationery is important to the marketing of a small business. Stationery, for one, helps you to maintain a level of brand consistency across the board. Whether it is an internal note, an email to a client, or a correspondence with a supplier, good branding on your stationery ensures that the person receiving anything from you will be able to instantly understand that it is from your business. Creating clear brand guidelines should be a priority when you first open your business. This can then be used as a foundation from which all your business stationery and marketing endeavours work from. This includes custom letterheads, business pens with your branding on them, business cards and anything else that will be seen by suppliers, customers and potential customers.

By providing this level of attention and detail to your marketing demonstrates to your staff and your customers that you genuinely care about the business. If your business card offers clarity of purpose, a clear identity and unmistakable branding, it might be a good sign that you are a company that is worth working with or purchasing from. Another thing to consider, is that business stationery is a simple way to stamp your branding identity and send it out into the world. There isn’t a lot of space to work with when discussing business branding on stationery, and this makes it a little bit easier to design. With the right type of branding and a professional look, your small business stationery is a simple and effective way to build brand awareness.

Once you have made the decision to look into business stationery as a way to grow branding awareness around your small business, it is important to find the printing company that can provide you with printed marketing solutions at a cost-effective rate. With the help of printing expertise, you’ll quickly see how effective good branding can be in the form of stationery, whether this is notepads and letterheads, mugs, pens and an assortment of other stationery that your employees use, that you provide as gifts to suppliers and customers and that provide that constant reminder of your business and the brand that you are trying to create. It can be an effective solution to market well during the early stages of a business.