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One Stop Asphalt Services- Best Contractors


One Stop Asphalt always offers products to its clients having the best quality and at a reasonable price. They are always ready for giving some more to declines that are beyond the expectations. So being a business family-owned, they always treat their clients like their family members. This has experienced 15 years of services that have developed their best skill team, having experienced professionals who can find many ways from most of the difficult situations.

Crack filling services

Before discussing the crack filling services, first, you should know that crack sealing Is known as a process in which some hot sealant is applied to the cracks to prevent water intrusion. These working cracks are mainly horizontal or vertical movements that are greater than 0.1 inches. Transverse crack is considered to be the best example of working cracks

Crack filling is known to deploy the asphalt into the working cracks to reduce the infiltration of water and reinforce all the adjacent pavement. Non-working cracks mainly contain vertical or horizontal movements which are less than 0.1 inches. Examples of non-working cracks include diagonal, alligator and longitudinal cracks. For crack Sealing, the treatment of crack feeling never shows any significant movement.

Cost of Crack Filling

The cost of crack feeling services depends upon the scope and the severity of the problem. But, in most of the Causes, it will always pay for itself due to the delay of your need for completing the resurfacing of asphalt. Resurfacing of your asphalt which considered more expensive as compared to the filling of individual cracks. So the regular maintenance will always help to save lots of money over time.

Seal coating service

Seal coating always provides a particular layer for protecting the blockage of water, UV damage and oils. When the workers apply the specification of seal coating, then it provides a slip surface resistant having deep black finishing that always enhances the overall appearance of the driveway or parking lot. Seal coats are mainly based on products and acrylics. It is a liquid formulation that is one of the emulsions mixed with sand, silica, polymer, proprietary fillers, solids, and additives.

Benefits of seal coating

There are many benefits of seal coating that include Savage of money that avoids expensive cost for free paving bills. It also keeps up all the curb fills, having a clean and new parking lot and entryway. Protects against UV light radiation. Create information that always seals out gas, oil and water. Reduces maintenance cost and cleaning cost.