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Part Time Jobs in Singapore For International Citizens


Part time jobs in Singapore can be found for a variety of purposes – to hold down a job, start a new business, earn extra income, etc. Whatever your reason is for looking for a part time jobs in Singapore, you will need to know how to find it in order to make the most money for your time. There are literally hundreds of different kinds of part time jobs in Singapore, including food outlets, garment suppliers, telemarketing firms, flower shops, etc.

Most companies in Singapore use part-time employees in their day to day operations instead of permanent staff, and they often provide attractive benefits packages in order to lure potential candidates. In addition to being able to work flexibly, these employees will also have better chances of increasing their skills, which can then be used to open up more interesting and lucrative part time jobs in the future.

Generally, a Part Time Shop Assistant performs tasks such as assisting store clerks, taking stock, setting up the shop, taking important orders, greeting customers, etc. They may be hired on a part time, full time or part time basis. If you are planning to work as a part time jobs in Singapore, then it will be a good idea to get some experience first, so that you’ll know what the basic requirements are, as well as whether the company you’re applying to is genuine and interested in hiring part time workers. If you do your research properly, there are a lot of genuine part time jobs in Singapore out there waiting for qualified individuals.

Employment legislation for part time jobs in Singapore is different than that of other countries, and it can sometimes be tricky to work in the country. If you are applying for a job that requires that you are over a certain age, then it is very important that you consult with the Employment Research Council of Singapore (ERCS) about their employment laws for Singapore, as they have a contract with the government that covers this matter. They also have a list of companies and employers that require workers below their age to be covered by this contract, and which are not covered. This is why it is important to contact them with any queries you may have before signing up for anything.