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The Essential Features for a Dropshipping Business


Dropshipping business involves selling goods from other suppliers over the internet. You will need a website or an account on e-commerce platforms to sell the items. The sites help you get orders from potential clients and forward the requests to the supplier. Then, the wholesaler or manufacturer will package the goods for shipping to the client, regardless of their location.

On the other hand, particular features are necessary to succeed. Here is some of the essential dropshipping integration to consider as you start your online venture;

Search Options

When offering numerous products in your online store, it is critical to have integrations that help potential clients search for the item they want. Probably, they arrive at your website through social media marketing. Therefore, you need to make it easy for them to find items using the search features on the site.

Shopping Cart

It is essential to set up your online business similar to actual stores. A shopping cart can help the buyer find different items they want to buy and put them in a central place to pay after their search. It would be cumbersome to have a buyer buy one thing at a time. The feature will assist them in adding or removing products as they like, thus enhancing the shopping experience.

Payment options

In dropshipping, you will be taking the customer orders and payments. However, you will buy from the supplier for the brand to ship the product directly to your client. So, it is mandatory to have a secure payment option. It would be best if you considered the worldwide acceptable money transfer options to use for your e-commerce business. Include bank, electronic, and other digital money transfers to make your platform more versatile in payment options.

Shipment Options

Offering different options to ship the products to clients on your platforms makes it superior to your competitors. A buyer can select the way they would prefer to receive the goods. You can have varying fees depending on the choice and time for the product to reach a client’s destination. It should cater to those with urgency with the product they are purchasing.

Customer Care

Having the option for customers to seek support will enhance the service delivery. You can have the live chat option or include a number that customers can call whenever they have an issue with their shopping. The feature will help build customer loyalty and make your business credible to those with doubts.

Database Management Tools

The database management tools are essential for the decision-making process and marketing. A person visiting your site can fill a form to help you know more about them and get their contact. You can use the data to create personalized marketing campaigns. In addition, the database management tools will help you understand the consumer trends and know ways to convert the traffic to sales.


The above features are not the only features or tools to use in a dropshipping business. Others include the inventory management tools and purchase notification features.