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Understanding telehandler safety


When it comes to the process of hiring telehandlers there are a few things that you should be aware of. Telehandler safety, and indeed the safe use of any plant hire machinery that you have made use of on a site that you are in charge of, is an important part of the process. One of the best things you can do to understand the safe and effective use of telehandlers is to work with a plant hire company that understands your needs, your budgets, your site locations and specific challenges present, in order to provide you with the safest possible plant hire process. With this, you can begin to plan carefully to use telehandlers in the best way for your site whilst maintaining high standards of safety.

Even with improvements in technology there are still some accidents that take place involving telehandlers. This is usually down to an object causing distress that leads to a loss of control over the machinery, causing injury to the operator or those within close proximity to the telehandler.

There are different ways to manage the safety of a telehandler, and indeed the safety of a construction site as a whole, but it almost always boils down to the level of training that an employee is provided by their employer when using machinery and equipment such as telehandlers. A professional telehandler operator should be trained in all relevant, equipment-specific, training, as well as general site safety rules and industry regulations. They must comply with all safety standards to ensure that the operator and those around the telehandler when in use, are as safe as possible from all potential hazards.

Finding a supplier of telehandlers for hire that provides thorough training manuals for each piece of equipment, including model and brand, will allow you to manage the safety concerns and look after your employees and contractors at all times. Understanding the terrain and the site that the telehandlers will be used on is important, as is the lifting capacity of a telehandler to determine its stability. An unstable telehandler is a telehandler that is more likely to topple over or to suffer from jerking movements. In these situations you are more likely to see accidents occur. Another reason to choose a specialist plant hire company is to ensure that every piece of machinery that you hire has been fully maintained and repaired and uses the very latest technology.

Telehandler safety is a vital part of any site where they are in use. Injuries and accidents on site can cause severe injuries and potential fatalities, costing projects time and money in the process. Having a solid process in place to work safely and effectively should always be a priority. One way to ensure this when it comes to the use of telehandlers, is to work with a specialist plant hire company with experience and a great reputation. Knowing that your telehandler hire is coming through a company with a strong tradition of safety values and processes that improve safety standards at all times, will help you to make the right choices to boost safety on your site.