Why Many Businesses Are Downsizing Their Office Space

This might sound strange, but a growing business would be likely to downsize its office requirements; since the start of the pandemic, Australian businesses were forced to have office employees work from home during the multiple lockdowns and the emerging digital tech enables real-time video calls, which is a game-changer for some sectors.

Cutting costs

A smaller office costs less to run and from an employer’s perspective, office staff remotely working does significantly reduce costs; ask the top Melbourne office removalists and they would confirm that office downsizing is trending. An office for 30 people might only require 5-10 staff and downsizing makes total sense.

Tech sector

The software development industry is moving away from offices for remote workspaces, giving developers the freedom to relocate to any part of the world, thanks to video conferencing. A company that makes digital products rarely need all the players to be at the same location; they have daily Zoom calls and discuss issues, much the same as if they were in the same location. Indeed, 4 or 5 tech start-ups could share a small office with a couple of meeting rooms and splitting the costs is a real money-saver.

Online collaboration

Without VoIP, we would not be able to work as a team if we are spread out in many locations; Internet telephony is hardly new, it’s been around for 20 years, yet high bandwidth now enables crisp real-time audio and video, with as many participants as you wish. Open an account with Zoom and you can access their huge suite of online collaboration tools.

The business arena is changing

The Internet of Things and 5G are on the horizon, offering 10x faster speeds, which will see a rise in the use of remote collaboration, which is great for everyone. Once you have tried working remotely, you won’t want to return to the office and the employer slashes their running costs, which can’t be a bad thing. Global commerce has never been this easy and with Google Translate, you can have a real-time video call with your Korean supplier, or get to know your new Chinese associate.

Downsizing means some of the items will not be included, giving you a chance to declutter and sell off that old furniture. Let the office removalist handle the work, all they need are a few lists to start preparing packing materials and let your team focus on what they have to do without worrying about packing.

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